Eco Firestarters

Innovate development of ecologically clean fire-starting products

Our products are intended for use at home, in the garden and during camping and outdoor activities.
Eco Firestarters

Eco Fire Nuggets

Starting a fire was never easier, safer and eco-cleaner! Eco Fire Nuggets is the perfect solution for quick and effective lightning of coal, fireplaces, wooden stoves, camping, firepits and more.

Citronella Torch

The Solution Citronella Mosquito repellent Torch. Citronella oil 100 % Food grade paraffin, 100% Cotton Wick, Comfortable Stand

Eco Fire Sticks

Our firesticks are perfectly safe for use. They are made of two ecologically clean components: Natural Cotton’ Food grade paraffin wax

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How to start wood stove with Eco Fire Nuggets

Citronella Torch

Eco Fire Citronella Torch a unique, easy to carry, insect repellent torch.

We believe in our responsibility & duty to sustain & protect our global environment. Our product is made of recycled sustainable wood source and food grade paraffin. We donate part of our profit for replanting trees on our planet.
By purchasing & using our excellent products you are active contributors to this vision. Thank you for your support