Our vision is to create a truly warm environment – lighting fire in the most clean safe and heartwarming way.
Eco Fire products are being manufactured and distributed by Ashush Hatzav LTD – a dynamic company, led by constant desire of development and improvement.
We’re constantly expanding the margins of our activities by developing and creating innovative production lines that are at the top of current technology, all intended for creating ecological products for fair distribution.

Our Eco Products

The Eco Fire line of products was inspired by the combination between industry, ecology and society. This created the main objectives of the initiative:

Innovate development of ecologically clean fire-starting products
Creating jobs for people with disabilities
Uncompromised quality of products.
Our products are intended for use at home, in the garden and during camping and outdoor activities.
All of Eco Fire products were certified by the Standards Institution of Israel and by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.