About Us

Our vision is to create a truly warm environment – lighting fire in the most clean safe and heartwarming way.
Eco Fire products are being manufactured and distributed by Servpoint LTD – a young and dynamic company, led by constant desire of development and improvement.
We’re constantly expanding the margins of our activities by developing and creating innovative production lines that are at the top of current technology, all intended for creating ecological products for fair distribution.

Our Eco Products

The Eco Fire line of products was inspired by the combination between industry, ecology and society. This created the main objectives of the initiative:

  • Innovate development of ecologically clean fire-starting products
  • Creating jobs for people with disabilities
  • Uncompromised quality of products.
  • Our products are intended for use at home, in the garden and during camping and outdoor activities.
    All of Eco Fire products were certified by the Standards Institution of Israel and by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

    Our Main Products:

    ecofire nuggets

    Eco Fire Nuggets

    Ecologically clean fire starter for wood and charcoal, based on European pine wood and food grade paraffin. Provides strong fire for 10 minutes, achieved quickly, efficiently and safely. Eco Fire Nuggets are manufactured from sustainable wood sources (pine tree).

    Eco Fire Sticks

    Fire starting sticks composed of 100% raw cotton rope and food grade paraffin. Provides slow burning for 10-12 minutes. This product underwent meticulous testing to ensure its reliability and has its own production line, carefully crafted by our engineers.

    Citronella Torch Eco

    Eco Fire Torch

    Compact and safe torch, provides 5 hours of stable light with the option to repel insects thanks to the Citronella oil it contains, additionally to the food grade paraffin. Suitable for camping, for the garden and the porch.Eco Fire Citronella Torch a unique, easy to carry, insect repellent torch.

    Our Ethics

    The main principle in our work is creativity – this is the path we take every time we take a good idea and turn it into a great product, all the way to mass production.

    Work ethics and overall humanity are highly important for us. We value each and every person and we truly believe that everyone deserves equal right to be a valuable part of the community, along with the freedom to earn own pay. Part of our manufacturing process is being operated by people with disabilities in Elwyn center in Haifa. We believe that every person or organization has to do its best for the community and we’re interested in further cooperation with Elwyn worldwide.

    We believe in our responsibility & duty to sustain & protect our global environment. Our product is made of recycled sustainable wood source and recycled food grade paraffin. We donate 10% of the product in your box (5 free nuggets) for replanting our planet.
    By purchasing & using our excellent ‘Eco Fire Nuggets’ you are active contributors to this vision. Thank you for your support

    Join us!

    We’re looking for cooperation with distributors who share our vision in the field of BBQ, Outdoor leisure, gardening and camping equipment.
    For cooperation, new initiatives, ideas and feedback, please leave us a message!

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