Eco Fire Citronella Torch a unique, easy to carry, insect repellent torch. It is perfect for camping, for the garden, by the pool and on the beach. The torch contains citronella oil that is known for its strong mosquito repellent quality.

The Solution Citronella Mosquito repellent Torch

Citronella oil
100 % Food grade paraffin
100% Cotton Wick
Comfortable Stand

Product Description

Eco Fire Torch Citronella for The Asian Tiger Mosquito
We strongly believe in combination of useful solutions for daily tasks at home or in nature, while keeping both the environment and the user safe and sound. Hence, we come up for the perfect temporary outdoor lightning solution with added value – the ability to repel mosquitos and other unpleasant insects.
Unique concept of the torch
The idea behind the ecofriendly torch is to create the safest, efficient and most benefit-cost ratio both for the user, as well as for us! This was enabled thanks to the use of main ingredients that are simple, yet effective and most importantly – ecologically friend. This means that the use of the torch doesn’t cause any short or long-term damage to the user, their personal space (i.e the porch, garden, etc.) and the environment in general.

The Citronella Torch is Composed of:

Food grade paraffin – ecologically clean, wax burning material
Citronella oil – was proven as an effective repellent for mosquitos and other insects
Comfortable stand, making the torch an esthetic addition to the garden or a camping area
The torch provides 5 hours of stable, fine and cozy lighting, great for an outdoor event, camping with the family, or just as a substitute for electrical lightning when you see fit.

The Ethics Behind The Eco Fire Torch

We strongly believe that it’s important to emphasize not only WHAT we create and spread out, but the HOW as well. That’s why we always make sure that all of our products are ecologically clean and provide the safest experience for all the people involved. It is highly important in the context of our torches, because they’re also intended for various gatherings in backyards, gardens and other outdoor environments. The torch is perfect for creating magical and romantic atmosphere, while ensuring that the event won’t be spoiled by insects’ bites.