Eco Fire Torch

We strongly believe in combination of useful solutions for daily tasks at home or in nature, while keeping both the environment and the user safe.
The torch is composed of:

  • 100% Food grade paraffin – ecologically clean, wax burning material
  • Citronella oil – was proven to help repel mosquitos and other flying insects

The torch provides 5 hours of stable, strong and cozy flame. It is great for an outdoor event, camping with the family, or just as a substitute for electrical lightning when you want to create an atmosphere.
A possible accessory is available in the form of a metal torch holder /stand, that has a wind shield that provides better function when weather is windy and is an esthetic addition to the garden or your camping area

The ethics behind the product

we always make sure that all of our products are ecologically clean and provide the safest experience for the user. It is highly important in the context of our torches, as this product is intended for various gatherings in backyards, gardens and other outdoor environments. The torch is perfect for creating magical and romantic atmosphere, ensuring that your event is successful.

The value of giving to the community –

We believe in our responsibility & duty to support & provide equal opportunities to people with disabilities. Every human being has the right to be supported in achieving their independence, success and the sense of being part of the community. “Eco Fire torch” supports these rights by providing work to disabled people.

We do our best to create a product that delivers everything it promises and more, while making sure that using it is safe, controlled and complied to the relevant standards of fire safety and the green production of the 21st century.

Our technologies are patented (on various stages of the process) and we’re looking forward to cooperate with various distributors all around the world.